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Gas constant-pressure specific heat test experimental system

The test bench can perform gas constant-pressure specific heat capacity measurement experiments. The experiment involves the measurement of basic quantities such as temperature, pressure, heat (electric power), flow rate, etc. Basic knowledge of specific heat and mixed gas (humid air) is used in the calculation. The purpose of this experiment is to enhance the perceptual knowledge of experimental research on thermal properties, to promote the connection between theory and practice, and to cultivate the ability to analyze and solve problems.





Type no.: E0100/ E0100E
Gas temperature range from ambient temperature to 350℃
Thermostatic control accuracy ±0.1 °C
Constant-pressure specific heat capacity range:0.8~1.5 kJ/(kg•K)
Heating power:0-200 W
Temperature display accuracy 0.01℃
Test accuracy ±0.01W

Gas flow rate: 0.06 ~ 0.6m3 / h

flow measurement accuracy ± 0.5%

Power supply:AC220V±5% 1 kW

Dimensions: length 600 mm × width 400 mm × height 550 mm

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